Best Height Increase Insoles 2024 – Get Taller Instantly

If you want to get taller, you might wonder if shoe lift inserts are the best option for extra height. Choosing which height-increasing insert is the best to give you that extra bit of pizazz and pep in your step can be challenging because there are various sorts on the market.

The different kinds of inserts and insoles that are available will be discussed in this article. This article provides proper guidelines about the insole, so keep reading.

Types of Height Increasing Insert

There are several different kinds of height-increasing inserts that can be used, these are discussed below:

Heel Lifts: These are shoe inserts that raise the heel, giving the impression that the person who is wearing them is taller.

Insoles: These are shoe insoles that cushion and support the feet by fitting inside of shoes. Some insoles are made with extra height to help people stand taller.

Elevator Shoes: These are footwear with inserts that increase height when worn, typically in the shape of a hidden wedge or platform.

Foot Arch Supports: These are implants that support the foot arches. Some arch supports can also offer a very small height increase. Source

Full-length Inserts: These can significantly increase height because they extend the full length of the foot. Some full-length insoles are also made to give the feet more cushioning and support.

You have to keep in mind that while height-improving inserts can temporarily heighten a person’s stature, they do not actually increase a person’s height. The fit and comfort of the shoe may also be impacted by some inserts, which may not be appropriate for all kinds of shoes.

7 Best Height-increasing Insoles in 2024

There are too many height-increasing insoles available in today’s market.  so many shops sell height-increased shoe insoles. In this section, I will try to recommend the 7 best height-increasing insoles available on amazon.

1. Scholl Gel Active Work Insoles for Men

Height increase insole scholl gel active work insoles for men

Key Features

  • Gel Technology.
  • Extra cushioning.
  • Breathable Fabric.

For guys who spend a lot of time on their feet while working, These insoles offer all-day comfort and support. To lessen shock, pressure, and foot strain while keeping feet dry and fresh. These insoles feature anti-odor technology, enhanced cushioning, breathable fabric, and gel technology.

These trim-to-fit insoles are suitable for many shoes, including work boots. They are ergonomically created to accommodate natural foot curves and can enhance overall foot health and comfort.


  • Anti-odor technology helps keep feet fresh and stop the spread of bacteria.
  • When support is most needed, ergonomic design provides it.
  • Appropriate for a variety of shoes, including work boots.


  • It could take some time to get adjusted to the extra support and cushioning.
  • Those with specific foot issues or those in need of more specialized support may not find it suitable.

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2. VALsole Orthotic Insole

Valsole orthotic insole

Key Features

  • Arch Support.
  • Shock Absorption.
  • Breathable and Moisture-wicking.

With their curved design, deep heel cup, and arch support, these offer great support and comfort for the feet. The breathable cotton fabric wicks away perspiration and prevents smells, while the high-density foam cushioning eases pressure on the feet.  


  • The breathable fabric cover keeps your feet dry and comfy by wicking away moisture and reducing odors.
  • Adaptable and may be worn with most styles of footwear, including work, casual, and athletic shoes.


  • The insole might not be for you if you have severe foot or back issues.
  • While performing high-impact sports like jogging or leaping, the insole could not offer enough cushioning. 

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3. Pairs Elastic Shock Absorbing Shoe Insoles

Best height increase insoles - 3 pairs elastic shock absorbing shoe insoles

Key Features

  • Flexible material with stretch.
  • Designed to minimize impact and absorb shock.
  • Provides more support.

These insoles fit easily because they adapt to the foot’s curves and are made of soft, elastic materials like silicon or gel. Because they absorb tension and lessen the negative impacts of each step, they can help prevent accidents and lessen foot fatigue.

By promoting optimal alignment and weight distribution, the increased support helps reduce discomfort in the feet, ankles, and knees.


  • Improved comfort, and less foot fatigue.
  • Lower chance of injury while engaging in high-impact activities.
  • Improved alignment and reduced discomfort.


  • Insoles may not fit all shoe sizes or types and might add bulk to footwear.
  • Expensive, especially if replacement is required regularly.

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4. SUPVOX Height Increase Insoles

Supvox height increase insoles

Key Features

  • Adjustable Height.
  • Comfortable Material.
  • Anti-slip Design.

A discreet and adaptable option to gain a few inches in height is with these insoles. They have detachable layers that allow for height adjustment to the desired level. The soft, breathable, and cushioned insoles ease pressure and offer support.

They provide stability and are essentially undetectable within shoes because of their anti-slip construction. These insoles provide a practical and comfortable solution to add height and are appropriate for both men and women for use in every setting.


  • It may make you taller and give you more self-assurance.
  • They are versatile due to their adjustable height and features.
  • Make you feel pressureless with the use of soft, breathable material.


  • For frequent or high-impact use, it might not be strong enough
  • For some foot issues, it might not offer enough support

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5. Heel Lift Elevator Insoles

Heel lift elevator insoles

Key Features

  • Adjustable height to meet various needs.
  • Cushioning and support from a comfortable material.
  • Cushioning in the heels to reduce impact and pressure on the joints and feet.

Heel lift elevator insoles are shoe inserts made to raise the heel of the foot to increase height. They are positioned within the shoe beneath the heel and are constructed of foam, silicone, or gel.

These adjustable insoles are ideal for a variety of shoe designs and may be adjusted to the user’s preferred height. They can increase height, as well as posture, and offer orthopedic advantages.

Due to their comfort, adaptability, and discretion, these insoles are loved by both men and women.


  • The Customizable Height Allows for Flexibility and Versatility of Use.
  • Can Alleviate Specific Orthopedic Issues.
  • Can Lessen the Impact and Pressure on the Joints and Feet.


  • For heavy or frequent use, it might not be durable enough.
  • Maybe not appropriate for sports or activities with high impact.

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6. Rosenice 3 Cm Height Raised Insole

Rosenice 3 cm height raised insole

Key Features

  • The insole provides an additional 3 centimeters of height.
  • High-quality material.
  • Customizable fit.

A silicone shoe fix called the Rosenice 3 cm height elevated insole lifts shoes by 1.18 inches or 3 centimeters and is intended for medicinal use. It enhances look and posture. This has a non-slip construction that gives you stability and comfort as you walk.

This environmentally friendly, reusable, and machine-washable insole costs nothing. It lessens the strain on the feet, knees, and lower back, reducing the likelihood of pain or injuries.


  • Adjustable to fit any shoe size, making it flexible and easy to use.
  • It is an economical and eco-friendly solution because it is washable and reusable.


  • It could take some time to adjust to the increased height.
  • Not always appropriate for all kinds of shoes,

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7. Healifty 3cm Heel Lift Inserts Silicone Height Increase Insole

Healifty 3cm heel lift inserts silicone height increase insole

Key Features

  • Increase the height.
  • Comfortable Material.
  • Shock Absorption quality.

 The high-quality silicone used to make these insoles is soft, flexible, and cozy to wear. The shock-absorbing feature cushions your feet and lessens the impact, making them more pleasant to wear.

The porous design allows air to move around your feet, keeping them cool and dry. These insoles give you an instant height boost of up to 3 cm while also relieving pressure on your feet, knees, and back.


  • Design that absorbs shock cushions the feet.
  • Versatile and suitable for use with all types of sneakers.
  • Easy to insert and remove.


  • Wearing it could feel awkward or strange.
  • Some people may not be able to handle the limited height increase.

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How To Put The Shoe Insoles on Your Shoes?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to put your new insoles inside your shoes:

  1. Firstly, you have to remove any existing insoles from your shoes to make room for the new ones.
  2. Then, firmly place your new insoles inside your shoes with the flat side down and the curved side facing upwards. 
  3. Align the heel of the insole with the heel of your shoe making sure that it fits accordingly.
  4. If the insole is too large, trim it as you see fit using a pair of scissors or follow the trimming guidelines provided with the insole.
  5. Finally, put on your shoes and check for a final time if necessary to ensure the insoles are in the correct position and they feel comfortable.

Final Verdict

The height-increasing insole is designed to increase your comfort while you’re walking. In this guideline, I tried to give you a proper idea about some insoles which will help to improve your height.

I hope this recommendation will help you purchase the best insole for you.

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