What Color Shoes Go With A Grey Suit – An Expert’s Guide

Sometimes choosing the right pair of shoes for your dress is too complicated. If it is for a suit, it becomes tough to find the right shoes. There was one of my friends who got an invitation to a wedding ceremony.

He made a gray suit for that. But he didn’t know how to care for a suit and what is the best color of shoes to wear with a grey color suit, It is not just his story. There are plenty of people who do not know it.

So, in this article, what color shoes go with a grey suit, color theory to dark grays, and increasing choice of shoes, which will be enough to be worn.

What Color Shoes Go With a Grey Suit- Understand the Shades of Grey

Let’s understand the grey shade before discussing the shoe colors to wear with a grey suit. The grey shade comes with a combination of Black and White. It is a versatile and contrasty color that can make marge with any color. Grey is not a pleasant color, but it has a cloudy mood to it. And it has more the 50 shades.

The shades of gray represent intelligence and understanding. It is dealing the space between black and white. Gray is often regarded as being classy, sophisticated, and cool, however, it may also be a little spooky. It also belongs to the neutral color group.

You can’t go wrong with a grey suit for a bold and sophisticated look. And to compliment your look and outfit, the right color shoes are a must.

Right Color Shoes to Wear With a Gray Suit

Look, there are many colors of shoes which are suitable for the suit. But there is the shade declared that we have to find shoes according to Light Grey Suit. So it will be easy to find out the color. 

As long as it is a light color, a light, and standard color will go with almost any gray shade suit. For like, if you combine a suit with brown shoes, black shoes, Blue Dress Shoes, and Navy blue suede. All of these colors will match with light.

But there has been confusion. The suit’s color is fixed, a light grey suit, but the shade of the shoe color is not mentioned. To know the right shades of shoes with the right shades of gray color suits, check out the description below properly. 

1. Use Brown Shoes With a Grey Suit for a Formal Look

Brown is my personal favorite choose to pair a grey suit. It can also go well in any design or outfit when I need to look format. And the best part, it has numerous which can blend well with any color. 

If you wearing a light gray suit then blend it with light brown shoes and dark brown shoes go well with a dark grey suit. Although burgundy shoes are often paired with gray suits, they are typically more appropriate for social and casual occasions.

2. Dark Grey Suit With Black Shoes

What color shoes go with a grey suit- dark grey suit with black shoes

In the previous tips, we mentioned that these are several shades of grey shoes. These are Pewter, Taupe, Charcoal, Light Charcoal, Stone, and Light. All of them are great for formal and casual wear. On the other hand, plain black shoes have no shades. 

Plain Back shoes with a lighter grey color combination are a common and only combination that goes formally and casually the most. This light shades shoes combo is hard to go wrong and is appropriate to wear. 

Formal Settings:  Black shoes are the best shoes go with a grey. A suit with black shoes that has shoelace and black loafers of decent designs are the best choice for formal gray color suits. A suit and black shoes with shoelaces are also good for formal occasions. All suit combo colors match formal shoes. It will be hard to go wrong if grey gets paired with black shoes.

Casual (Less Formal): unlike formal attires, black party shoes are preferable for a casual look. Various patterns of the dais on loafers are also the best choice for wearing grey color suits with back shoes casually. Casual black shoes are also good for it. This could be your personal style for casual events. A crisp white shirt, Chelsea black leather Brogues shoes, and a white tie go with a grey suit.

3. Blue Shoes With Grey Suits Gives You a Chic Look

Blue shoes with grey suits

Before choosing Blue Dress Shoes, you must first know what it is. It is made for a formal dress code. With a high quality of equipment and materials, it become the most fashionable formal outfit nowadays. For an office to formal attendance, it has no competitor.

It is mainly made from suede, but it is also made from glossy leather to maintain the style and cut. Whatever it is, if you want to choose the suede look, you can choose it with your suit. If you want a smooth, glossy, polishable surface, you can choose lather blue shoes. Whatever you take, it will be good on your light suit. 

4. Navy Blue With Grey Suits

Navy blue shoes with grey suits

Usually, people love to wear polished shoes. But some people who have a great test of choice also use suede leather shoes. Suede shoes are not glossy like other; it gives a mat finishing with a hairy surface. 

This section shows suede leather shoes are more casual than polished smooth, glossy surface shoes. In latter suede shoes, navy blue color are the best option. Other colors of suede are available. But when it comes to grey color suits, no other suede shoe color can beat navy blue suede. 

As this far you have come, so it means you read the above tips. If you read, you already know about grey color suit’s color shades. For Pewter and Taupe, a heavy version of the navy blue suede loafer is preferable. 

When the Charcoal grey suit and Light Charcoal are such deep shades, the genuine navy blue loafer will be best. For Stone and Light Gray, a Bluish navy suede loafer is recommended. Because these combinations will glow and represent your appearance.

Things Not to Do

As you know, grey is a standard color for a formal wearer. Also a black suit. But grey is not a party-type color. So, try to avoid any glossy color or delightful color of shoes.

For example, wherever you want to attend with your dark grey suit costume, avoid red, yellow, or any lite color and white shoes. A splash of color is not attractive on it. The suit and shoe must be monochromatic.

Try to choose a few dark colors of shoes, as I mentioned in the previous headings. If you are not wearing them in the proper place, you can try the chocolate color of shoes. Chocolate color of shoes can be used in formal places and parties. Also, avoid white sneakers because sneakers are not suitable for formality.


There are so many colors of shoes that might be the right choice for a grey color suit. But don’t forget we are concerned about your fashion. We chose the best combination for what is the best color shoes to wear with a grey color suit. Don’t miss the third combination. You will find their combination for both party and formal wear. And the last heading will guide you to avoid types of shoes. Stay fashionable.

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