Top 8 Best Color Shoes To Wear With Rust Dress: Step Up Your Look

Rust is a beautiful medium to dark orange that looks like fire and even autumn leafage.  It is a praising, quiet, and easy-to-wear color that immediately makes an outfit look elegant and cozy. A few things to consider while selecting the appropriate shoes for a rust dress. Burnt orange is a great shade to wear during fall and winter, but it isn’t easy to match.

The hue of your shoes should, first and foremost, suit the color of your dress. You want to avoid wearing shoes that clash with your outfit because they will produce an unpleasant overall look.

If you’ve been asked to a wedding and want to make your outfit understated, combine your rust or terracotta gown with nude, silver, or gold shoes. However, you can also wear black sandals for a casual party, and for a formal evening function, you can wear black.

In this blog post, we will see what color shoes to wear with a rust dress to make the most of your ensemble!

Is Rust Color in Style?

Is rust color in style? Absolutely yes!

Earthy, natural colors are popular, and rust has emerged as the season’s focal point.   Having just arrived on runways as the hottest color, it can now be found on everything from trousers to shoes to wallets.  

I’ve recently become infatuated with this color trend, especially when mixed with other earth tones, and we’ll be seeing a lot of rust and terracotta colors this season.  

I love that this color complements practically every skin tone and works so nicely with other warm earthy colors that would blend in wonderfully with the Autumn/winter vibe. It was also trendy in the 1970s and named the hottest style on the newest Autumn Winter runways.

Use it with caution. Rust is a striking color that should only be worn one garment at a time. It will be too much to pair a rust-colored jumped with matching shoes. Choose the right accessories in the season’s primary color for each ensemble.

The most versatile thing to own is a pair of plain rust-colored slacks or jeans. Choose trousers with as few clear pockets and details as possible, and combine them with a patterned or textured top. This way, rust isn’t the primary focus of your ensemble. 

What Colors Go Well With Rust-Colored Clothing? 

Rust is a terrific hue to add color to your outfit. But what color shoes to wear with a rust dress? There are a few alternatives when it comes to finding the proper shoes to go with your burnt orange dress. To begin, pick a classic black pump.

This classic shoe will lengthen your legs and slim you down. Furthermore, the black and orange contrast will make your dress stand out. Try matching your dress with leopard print heels for a fun and flirtatious look.

The vibrant print gives this feminine look just the perfect amount of edge. Finally, nude strappy sandals are an excellent choice to keep things simple but attractive.

You may like to dress in white and black color shoes to add more contrast.

Top 9 Best Color Shoes to Wear With Rust Dress in 2024

1. Pair Gold Shoes with Rust Dress

Pair gold shoes with rust dress

A rusty dress can be glammed up with gold shoes. They can get a lush, rich look ideal for a formal event or party. Because gold and burnt orange are both warm colors, they look excellent together.

Gold shoes are ideal for wearing with a bit of dress or a dress with a high slit. You’ll be able to show off your stunning shoes and clothing simultaneously! Matching the shoe shine to the dress color is critical, opting for a delicate gold tone that won’t clash.

2. Black Color Shoes Go Well With Rust Orange Outfit

Black shoes with rust outfit

You can pair black shoes with almost every outfit, including a rust or terracotta dress! A black heel sandal will make you look sophisticated and glamorous at formal or casual events.

This color, on the other hand, will generate more contrast. If you want to keep your style delicate and focus on your apparel, wear a burnt orange dress with black shoes that work best, elongate your legs, and give a slimming impact.

Choosing the proper shoe style is critical to avoid seeming too harsh or severe. Ankle strap heels or pointed-toe pumps can help you to get a sleek and sophisticated look.

3. White Shoes with Rust Outfit

White shoes with rust outfit - 9 best color shoes to wear with rust dress

Pair your rust or terracotta dress with white sneakers for a light summer style.

Unlike nude or metallic shoes, this one will stand out more against your outfit. Nonetheless, it is a beautiful choice for a casual gathering or even a country wedding.

However, a more subdued shoe color, such as nude, gold, or silver, is preferable if asked to be a bridesmaid.

I’d complete this outfit with silver jewelry and a white or silver purse. A light pink clutch can create a romantic and feminine style if you want to be more daring!

4. Cream Shoes with Rust Dress

Cream shoes with rust dress look very chic

The cream is a neutral color that, like nude and beige, may be worn with almost any color. It’s close to off-white, so it’s less contrasting than white but still draws more attention than its darker cousin, beige.

With your dark orange dress, cream shoes will help to create a gentle and sophisticated impression. Cream is the shoe color to wear if you want your bright orange dress to stand out and do all the talking.

It’s a fantastic summer color, so ensure you have at least one pair of adorable cream sandals in your closet.

5. Beige Shoes

What color shoes to wear with rust dress - beige shoes

You can always go right with a neutral shoe regarding challenging hues. As a result, we recommend using nude or beige shoes with an orange outfit.

When matched with your orange attire, naked heels and shoes, in general, will aid in creating beautiful rust look rustic look. Furthermore, because the color of the shoe is similar to your skin tone, your legs will appear longer.

Nude shoes come in various colors, so take your time finding the perfect pair to complement your skin tone.

6. Brown Shoes With a Rust Dress

Brown shoes and rust dress combination

Another fantastic neutral to pair with burnt orange dresses are brown. They will contribute to the creation of a warm and cozy yet earthy look. Brown is the closest tone to burnt orange on this list, so it will match your clothing while still adding contrast. However, brown is a great color to wear with an orange dress and will appear better with tan accessories.

7. Do Red Shoes Go Well With a Rust Outfit?

Do red shoes go well with a rust outfit? Yes! Tap & find more colors to wear with rust dress!

To create color contrast to your look, match your rust orange dress with red-toned accessories, such as red shoes. It’s a great, rarely-used tint that looks wonderful on any skin tone and pairs well with other colors. But colors like red have various shades, which makes it difficult to marge the color. Because it’s pretty easy to clash between your 
pair your orange dress with red shoes, especially casual ones, which look amazing. Dark red shoes will lend a sense of refinement to the look and help the burnt orange color stand out.

8. Gray Shoes With Shades of Rust

Grey shoes with shades of rust

Grey shoes can look great with an orange outfit. It’s a universal color that combines well with various ensembles, including rust-colored gowns. The key to achieving a cohesive aesthetic is to evaluate the hues and tones of grey and rust with which you work.

If you’re looking for something contrasty or want to create a cohesive look, go for grey.  But be aware because both of them have different shades, and finding the right one is really hard. If anything goes wrong, it will be shocking and can ruin your day.

9. Camel or Tan Shoes

Tan shoes with a rust dress

When it’s come to choosing a shoe color to wear with a rust hue at an event; ordinarily, White or black goes well. But if you want to go on a more relaxed and formal event, brown or tan is the perfect color to go with.

 Tan or camel-colored shoes are an excellent solution to add comfort to your ensemble while being simple. They look great with a rust dress. The warm earthy fashion of tan focuses your dress more significantly and gives you a rich and Luxuriant look.


Depending on the appearance you want to achieve, there are various ways to wear your rust-colored dress. Match your dress with brown or tan boots or shoes for a casual look. Pair your dress with black heels for a more formal look. Wearing red or gold shoes could also give a splash of color to your ensemble.

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