How to Spot Fake Golden Goose Sneakers: Ensuring Authenticity

The Golden Goose sneakers look not shiny or brand new; somebody had owned them for a long time but cared for them very well. Strong calfskin is the material that Golden Goose sneakers use the most frequently.

Yet Golden Goose uses various fabrics, including goatskin, calf hair, suede, and denim. They provide strength, extended wear, and a rugged feel.

Golden Goose artisans with various tools to distress items by hand to achieve the look of “perfect imperfection.” To give off a vintage vibe, the distressing should be uniform across all styles and colors; nevertheless, imitations frequently have random distressing between pairs that share a style and color.

As they are trendy, some people want to profit from this popularity. For that, they make clones and sell them to consumers. They look the same and come with a lower price and quality. So before purchasing, you need to know how to spot fake golden goose sneakers vs authentic golden goose sneakers.

Why Do You Need to Spot Fake Golden Goose Sneakers?

Today’s trend is the Golden Goose Sneakers getting so famous worldwide. As it is popular, the shoe comes with a hefty price tag. And when you pay that much money, you don’t want to get a replica.

That’s why you need to check the authenticity of the golden goose deluxe brand to know the value of every customer.

That’s why when you purchase the shoe, they provide an authentication proof that helps us to understand that the product is authentic; more about it later. That’s why it’s highly recommended to know how to identify fake golden goose sneakers pair.

Steps for Identifying Authentic Vs Fake Golden Goose Sneakers

A couple of steps exist to identify a real vs fake pair of sneakers. To authenticate Golden Goose Sneakers, you must pay close attention to every detail. Beginning with the sides, the stitching pattern, and the quality.

Then, focus on the star, the iconic and most recognizable characteristic. Although most reproductions contain holographic materials, don’t forget to compare the heel counters. The measurements must be precise and symmetrical.

Inspect the insoles, soles, and labels because there may be discrepancies in the fonts and sizes. Now, let’s discuss the steps broadly;

Check The Sides of The Shoes

Golden goose sneakers heel texture

Let’s begin with the heel section, in the heel of your golden goose sneaker is thick, and the build material is different, which is textureless, unlike the fake heel wobbles on its exterior.

Also, the phony heel is shorter all over, but the authentic heel is thicker on the top end. The fake heel counter also has a bit shiner look rather than the wear-and-tear look.

The holographic part in the heel counter also gets noticed from the side in the fake one, which is not supposed to be in the real one.

Check The Stitching

How to spot fake golden goose sneakers

If you are a sneaker freak and have owned several of these shoes, you can identify the replica sneaker only by examining the stitching quality.

We will immediately inspect the stitching on the toe box of the sneakers to determine whether they are real versus fake Golden Goose sneakers.

The fake stitching on the toe-box corners becomes less appealing than the genuine one. In truth, the imitation Golden Goose sneakers above have fewer stitches, giving the impression that they are of lower quality.

Now let’s inspect the shoe’s side stitching. The stitching on the side has several issues, but the primary one is that it is curved and arched.

In reality, it’s simple to spot a fake pair of Golden Goose sneakers since the center stitching line is overly curved and arched. The issue is that the natural stitching line curls more abruptly than the imitation.

Let’s turn to the back of the Golden Goose shoes and examine the stitching there as well, as we’re still discussing the stitching.

The primary problem with the fake Golden Goose sneakers’ stitching is that the seam on the back heel side is more noticeable and draws the eye because it isn’t stitched as profoundly as on the authentic Golden Goose sneakers. 

Make sure the stitching is consistent and clean when authenticating Golden Goose sneakers.

The Three Dots Technique

Fake vs real golden goose sneakers

Examine the three dots on the side of the shoes to authenticate as well. These three dots are misaligned on the fake Golden Goose pair of sneakers, which is obvious.

When we say something is misaligned, we imply that it is simple to see how the distance between the three dots differs with the unaided eye.

The space between these three dots is regular in the real pair, whereas the fake one is uncertain. The distance between the middle dot and the one on the right side is too great, and there is insufficient distance between the center dot and the one on the left.

The Dust-Bag Method

How to spot fake golden goose sneakers

The dust Bag is made of high-quality cotton cloth, which comes in an off-white color and the rope color and the rope is black in the real golden goose sneaker. On the other hand, the fake dust bag is made of very low-quality material and gets creased very easily.

However, the rope color is white on the fake dust bag instead black. Although they did well with the fonts, the font size is more significant.

Real vs fake golden goose shoes

Undoubtedly, the golden goose logo is the most iconic symbol of a legit golden goose sneaker. You can spot authentic sneakers by only analyzing them. Assure that the star is sewn down to the edge; the top point of the star should not be visible, and its points should never be lifted.

The fake sneakers star is made of similar size, shape, and color glitters that can flourish the unique look. The authentic star is longer overall than the fake one and the highest point of the authentic star is halfway while being cut off from the fake star.

The Worn-Out Technique

Fake vs real golden goose sneakers

Let’s quickly look at the distressing of the Golden Goose sneakers, recognized as one of the Brand’s key features. 

You can see how the Worn-out lines on the toe box of the replica pair of Golden Goose sneakers with distressing appear more handmade than the real ones.

By saying the word “handmade,” we mean that real distressing seems more random and natural than the fake Golden Goose sneakers, which appear to have a mathematical structure.

The Toe Box Technique 

During this method, we are going to examine the toe box. The fake toe-box is much flatter than expected, while the real one appears taller and well-detailed. The shoelace is also different from the toe box; you can see right away that the fake laces are much broader and thicker than the real ones, which are intended to be thinner and less textured.

The Heel Counter Technique

Although the genuine collar is silver, that does not make it holographic, as we can see with the fake pair. In addition to the collar, the heel counter is made of bright holographic material when it should be beige suede.

Also, the measures differ since the fake heel counter is more prominent, and the shiny material extends to the sides. In contrast to the weak and flimsy thread used in the imitation pair, the stitching in the authentic is strong and high-quality, demonstrating its longevity.

Compared to the real Golden Goose symbol, which is bold, thicker, and has a unique grainy appearance, the fake one is sharper and narrower.

The Sole Technique

Real vs fake golden goose sneakers

In this part, we are going to examine the sole technique. As we all know, the Golden Goose shoes are made of premium materials. If you are not a well-detailed person, you may like to skip this part and stay happy with your current pair, but remind one thing if you are investing 500 dollars in a pair but don’t want to ensure its authenticity, then it’s up to you.

However, The Sole is made of rubber and has a zig-zag pattern. Some of the fake models do offer rubber soles. But the manufacturers don’t give that much attention to quality.

The zig-zag on the authentic pair will look bold, the age is rounded, and the color is tinted black with minimal reflection. All of these features ensure a longer lifespan with a  great user experience.

The Tougue Testing Technique

In the method, we are going to explain the shoe tongue technique. The Golden Goose shoes came up with different shades and designs on the tongue.

The real sneaker tongue has a tag on a dark background. The text should be small and thicker, but most replica manufacturers do the opposite.

The fake Sneaker’s tag background is not fuzzy enough, and the text is smaller and dim, whereas the text should be clear on a grey background.

Some pair of golden goose sneakers come with different tongue structures; some come with a tongue perforated with their logo; some model comes with different shades, labels, or even logos.

However, do in-depth research before you buy your pair of Golden Goose.

The Insole Technique

Fake vs real golden goose sneakers

As the penultimate step of the Golden Goose sneakers’ authenticity inspection process, we’ll check the shoes’ insoles.

Insoles should be constructed in a single molded piece with acute insets. Be alert since scammers frequently use clear, heavy glue that can leave a residue to fuse fragments to produce the same shape.

When you notice the word “SUPERSTAR” written on the black rectangle, this text is too large on the imitation Golden Goose insole compared to the genuine “SUPERSTAR” inscription.

You can examine the black rectangle’s edges and then the text itself to determine the size of the “SUPERSTAR” text. The legitimate “SUPERSTAR” text is smaller and is not as close to touching the corners of the black rectangle as the fake text, which practically feels them.

Even though the text that follows the Golden Goose logo has the same issue, there is an additional error in this instance. The replica Golden Goose pair’s insole also has too much lettering that reads “GOLDEN GOOSE DELUXE BRAND VENEZIA.”

Authenticate by Expert

We discussed a couple of techniques to check the authenticity of your golden goose Sneaker in the upper portion. Now, if you still think you can’t do all this or don’t want to bear this hassle, there is another way for those people.

There is a way to authenticate by the expert, such as authenticating online and buying from an authorized shop.

The first one is that some research is required and can be less expensive. The additional one is nothing, just a matter of cost. In the 2nd one, you must go to a nearby authorized shop and buy your dream pair of shoes. 

But if you’re buying it from an unauthorized shop at a discount and do these kinds of shopping pretty often, then you need the 1st to roll out. It takes minimal time and effort to confirm the sneaker’s authenticity.


The Golden Goose sneakers are one of the collective pieces for sneakerheads. And if you are one of them, these sneakers must be for you. It requires a hefty penny, but it is worth it. It’s also an iconic piece of Italian craftsmanship, which ensures its long wear and a rugged feel for a long time.

And it is clear that once you are familiar with these techniques, authenticating whether Golden Goose Super-Star Sneakers are real vs fake is not tricky. Have you encountered some obstacles? Connect with experts and get authentic shoes without any hassle.

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