Do Roger Vivier Shoes Fit True To Size: Designer Shoes Size Chat And Buying Guide

Roger Vivier is a highly regarded and well-known name in luxury footwear. They provide classy and enhanced footwear. But it’s important to know whether or not Roger Vivier shoes fit true to size before you buy.

This article will go through the Roger Vivier size chart and give you purchase guidance to find the perfect heels that fit your foot the best. Let’s get started.

Do Roger Vivier Shoes Fit True To Size?

While Roger Vivier shoes are known to fit true to size, some designs may run slightly small or large due to differences in design and materials. Roger Vivier’s shoes are typically true to size. You must measure your feet and refer to the brand’s sizing guide to ensure you choose the right size.

If you’re in between sizes or have broader feet, ordering a half size higher is advised because some styles may run small. You may easily order your typical shoe size without worrying because most models are known to fit true to size.

A pair of Roger Vivier shoes are made with meticulous attention to detail and commitment to high-quality craftsmanship, and they are created to offer great comfort and durability.

What is Roger Vivier Famous For?

Do roger vivier shoes fit true to size : designer shoes size chat and buying guide

Roger Vivier is a luxury shoe company that has become well-known worldwide for its cutting-edge designs and superb craftsmanship. The trademark buckle, linked with Roger Vivier footwear, is among the company’s most distinctive designs.

The company offers various shoe designs, including flats, pumps, and sandals, even though its gorgeous stiletto heels are its most well-known offering. Each pair of shoes is painstakingly made from high-quality leather and has flawless stitching and tasteful finishing touches.

In addition to being gorgeous, Roger Vivier shoes are long-lasting and made to withstand use in daily life. Roger Vivier provides a shoe that will fit your needs, whether you’re looking for a casual but fashionable flat or a sophisticated pump for a special event.

Things to Consider When Buying Roger Vivier Shoes

 You should measure your feet and consider any variations in sizing owing to design and materials if you want to make sure you buy the correct size of Roger Vivier shoes. This is because the brand occasionally has a tendency to run slightly small.

Since Roger Vivier shoes run true to size, you may confidently order your typical shoe size. So let’s discover things to consider while purchasing Roger Vivier shoes.

Shoe Style

Although Roger Vivier shoes generally fit true to size, it’s essential to consider the particular style you’re interested in, such as pumps, flats, boots, or sandals, based on the occasion and your personal preference.

For instance, pointy-toed shoes could feel tighter around the toe area than round-toed models. Going up half a size in pointy-toed styles may be good if you have broad feet or a roomier fit.


If you care about fashion, seek Roger Vivier’s recognizable design components, such as the buckle or the Choc heel, that highlight the brand’s distinctive style.


The material of the shoe can also impact how well it fits. Leather shoes typically stretch and conform to your feet over time, unlike shoes made of fabric or synthetic materials, which may have less give.

Especially if you are in-between sizes, consider this while selecting your size.

Heel Height

Depending on the heel height, a shoe’s comfort, and fit may differ. The shoe could seem tighter because the foot tends to move forward when wearing higher heels.

If you’ve never worn heels before or plan to wear them for a lengthy amount of time, you may wish to choose a lower heel height for more comfort.

Size and Fit

Before buying a pair of shoes, ensure they fit properly and give your feet enough support and comfort to prevent pain or blisters.


To make sure you can wear the shoes for lengthy periods of time, take into account the comfort level of the shoe, including cushioning, arch support, and flexibility.

Roger Vivier Size Guide and Size Chart

Roger Vivier uses European sizing for women’s sizes, so using a size conversion guide is important. Roger Vivier’s sizes might vary significantly depending on the form and design of the shoe.

For the best fit, it is advisable to measure your feet’s length and width and compare those measurements to the brand’s size chart. The size chart for Roger Vivier shoes is given below:


Use this chart as a guide while buying shoes. You could benefit from it. When trying on a pair, ensure there are no tight or loose regions, and they feel snug and comfortable.

If in doubt, most experts advise choosing your typical full size. Alternatively, you can seek help from the company’s customer service and read customer reviews.


Most of Roger Vivier’s shoes run true to size; however, it’s crucial to remember that varied designs and materials may cause some styles to fit differently. The fit of some styles may differ depending on whether they are wider or narrower than others.

To determine whether a particular style runs narrow or broad, it is advised to read the product description and reviews. Try on the shoes in person if you are unsure of your size, or to get several sizes to ensure the best fit.

It’s typically better to try the larger size if you’re in-between sizes and use insoles or inserts to alter the fit if necessary. Finding the ideal fit for you can be made more accessible according to the brand’s size chart and purchasing guidelines.


Is Roger Vivier a luxury brand?

A luxury brand called Roger Vivier specializes in pricey handbags, shoes, and accessories. The 1937-founded company is well renowned for its distinctive design elements, like the buckle and the Choc heel, which have come to stand for high fashion.

Roger Vivier has collaborated with several well-known designers and celebrities and appeared in recognized fashion events and publications worldwide. The company’s commitment to high-quality workmanship, sumptuous materials, and innovative design has solidified its position as one of the most sought-after luxury brands in the world.

Why are Roger Vivier Shoes So Expensive?

There are several reasons why Roger Vivier shoes are so expensive, including the use of premium materials, artisanal manufacturing techniques, the brand’s reputation for luxury and exclusivity, and the restricted supply of particular styles.

The brand’s dedication to using high-end components, such as exotic skins and priceless decorations, raises the expense of manufacture, which is reflected in the ultimate cost of the shoes.

The shoes are also handcrafted by expert artisans using time-honored methods and meticulous attention to detail, which raises the cost of production. The unique design features, constrained supply, and exclusive distribution methods of Roger Vivier all contribute to the high price point of the brand.

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