Do Converse Run Big or Small?- Converse Sizing Guide 2024

Without a doubt, one of the most renowned and iconic shoe brands is Converse. Converse shoes never have a problem fitting in because of their elegant yet simple appearance.

There has been much discussion about whether Converse shoes run big or small. It’s a problem, especially if you’re careful about wearing shoes that aren’t too loose when you wear them or that isn’t too fitting that your toes hurt.

Your main concern should be maintaining foot comfort while maintaining a fashionable appearance. In this article, I’ll try to give you an overall review of the converse. So let’s get started.

Does Converse Run Big or Small or Fit True to Size?

Converse typically fits bigger than the normal shoe. Converse claims to fit a half size larger on their website. However, several consumers advise going down a whole size, especially if you normally wear a larger size.

Manually measuring your foot is a wonderful approach to determining your Converse size. Place a piece of paper under your feet and face a wall.

Measure the distance between the top of your head and the back of your heel after having these two spots marked by a helper. Instead of relying on sizes that could vary between brands, this can be far more reliable.

Generally, converse becomes half a size larger than any other shoe.

Converse runs big. However, if you have a bigger foot or simply a wider foot than most people, you might only want to take a half size down rather than the full size down just to give you that extra room up at the front. They come in a true size for this reason; they become popular day by day.

Converse Sizing Guide

Converse began making an early basketball shoe in 1917 and modifying it in 1922 when Chuck Taylor requested a better shoe with more support and flexibility. Converse became known as Chuck Taylor All-Stars after adding Taylor’s signature to the ankle patch.

Converse started to become popular in 1950. The converse sizing guide or size chart is given below, and I hope it will help you to buy the best Converse for yourself. 

Converse Men’s Size Chart

US sizeUK sizeFoot length
Foot Length
338 1/2″21.5cm
3.53.58 5/8″21.9cm
448 5/6″22.4cm
559 1/7″23.2cm
5.55.59 2/7″23.6cm
669 1/2″24.1cm
6.56.59 2/3″24.5cm
779 4/5″24.9cm
8810 1/6″25.8cm
8.58.510 1/3″26.2cm
9910 1/2″26.2cm
9.59.510 5/8″26.6cm
101010 4/5″27.4cm
111111 1/7″28.3cm
11.511.511 2/7″28.7cm
121211 2/3″n/a
131312 2/7″29.6cm
13.513.512 3/5″30.4cm

Converse Women’s Size Chart

US sizeUK sizeFoot length
Foot Length
448 1/3″21.1cm
4.54.58 1/2″21.9cm
558 5/8″22.4cm
5.558 5/6″22.8cm
6.56.59 1/7″23.6cm
779 2/7″24.1cm
7.57.59 1/2″24.5cm
889 2/3″24.9cm
8.58.59 4/5″25.3cm
9.59.510 1/6″26.2cm
101010 1/3″26.6cm
10.510.510 1/2″27.4cm
111110 5/8″27.9cm
11.511.510 4/5″28.3cm
12.512.511 1/7″n/a
131311 2/7″29.1cm
13.513.511 2/3″29.6cm

Converse Kids’ Size Chart

US sizeFoot length
Foot Length
10C6 2/3″16.9cm
10C6 4/5″17.3cm
11C7 1/6″18.2cm
11.5C7 1/3″18.6cm
12C7 1/2″19cm
12.5C7 2/3″19.4cm
13C7 4/5″19.8cm
1Y8 1/7″20.7cm
1.5Y8 1/3″21.1cm
2Y8 1/2″21.5cm
2.5Y8 2/3″22cm
3Y8 5/6″22.4cm
4Y9 1/7″23.2cm
4.5Y9 1/6″23.6cm
5Y9 1/2″24.1cm
5.5Y9 2/3″24.5cm

Converse Babies & Toddlers’ Size Chart

US sizeFoot length
Foot Length
n/a3 2/3″9.3cm
2C4 1/7″10.5cm
3C4 1/3″11cm
3C4 1/2″11.4cm
4C4 2/3″11.8cm
4C4 4/5″12.2cm
5C5 1/6″13.1cm
6C5 1/3″13.5cm
6C5 1/2″13.9cm
7C5 2/3″14.4cm
7C5 5/6″14.8cm
8C6 1/7″15.6cm
9C6 2/7″16cm
9C6 1/2″16.5cm
10C6 2/3″16.9cm
10C6 4/5″17.3cm

By following this converse fit guide, I think you can easily select the right size for converse while buying converse.

How Does Converse Fit?

First of all, it’s essential to understand the various conceptual details of the Converse brand’s shoes. In fact, it has a nearly infinite variety of products, and each decline is created from a special casting. 

When the shoes are tied up pretty tightly, we advise that you should still be able to fit one to two fingers down inside the sneaker collar on both the high tops and the low tops. 

Blisters could occur if the sneaker collar is far too tight, which is the last thing you want. When it comes to the toe box, check sure there is still plenty of wiggle area, which means the toe box shouldn’t scream or limit your toes’ range of motion. 

Your big toe and the front of the shoe should have about a half inch of room between them if the toe box is appropriately fitted. Our analysis shows that the high and low tops are the same in size. The high tops are marginally more comfortable than the low tops from a comfort standpoint.

Best Converse You can buy

There are different types of converse in the market now. But now I will discuss my favorite four types of converse from my converse collection. They are very comfortable and stylish.

Fashion-conscious people always keep these types of converse at the beginning of their wish list. Converse High tops and low tops both are preferable for some people.  So, Let’s start.

1. The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

The converse chuck taylor all star

Generally, Converse Chuck Taylors all star wore as casual shoes in today’s society, but their history is one of performance, and as a result, they feature a snug, narrow width. It is preferable to choose general sizing if you have wide feet.

Converse Chuck Taylors have a larger selection of sizes than other casual shoe styles. I have constantly discovered that the converse all star fits around a half size larger when comparing their sizing to Vans, Nike, and Adidas. It’s run true to size.

You will be glad to know that Converse Chucks don’t stretch out. Yes, it’s probably true that all shoes eventually mould to your foot a little bit, but don’t count on these Converse Chucks to squeeze in a way that makes up for incorrect fitting.

In contrast to leather, this kind of fabric doesn’t mould to a foot. The cardboard Stiffener insert is present in the shoe’s heel. As we all know, high tops are not the easiest to put on, especially leather and canvas ones.

This feature does help keep the shape of the shoe and makes it slightly easier to put the shoe on overall. As a result, no problem occurs while wearing these pairs of converse.

2. The Converse One Star

The converse one star

A Snug fit with a natural board feel is provided by its simple design and high-quality materials that wrap tightly around your feet. Insoles made of Lunarlon that increase support and impact protection without reducing flexibility greatly complement the vulcanized construction.

The One Star goes one step farther than most skate shoes by using elastic straps to keep the tongue from slipping. A mesh bootie system within the shoe is stitched to the tongue’s two edges, which prevents the tongue from moving and improves fit.

Converse One Star sizes are approximately half a size bigger than those of other well-known brands like Nike, Adidas, etc. I would advise going down a size if you like a tight fit. Both mid-top and low-top versions of these shoes are available on the market.

3. High Top Converse

Converse run big or small- high top converse

First of all, The shoe high-top converse was made for basketball players and has a rubber sole and canvas top. Converse high tops go with every outfit. They will remain popular as long as shoes do. High-top Converse are popular, showing up on red carpets and city streets alike.

They go well with all aesthetics, including feminine and masculine, cottage-core, grunge, glam, emo, dark academic, It Girl, punk, and indie sleaze.

They shouldn’t feel much different from your low-top sneakers other than being somewhat warmer at the ankle. You should always be able to move your feet the same way you would if you were barefoot or wearing low-top sneakers.

You should be able to perform the same tasks in a healthy high-top shoe as you can in a low-top shoe. Make sure to size down because these shoes tend to run around a half-size large.

4. Low Top Converse

Low top converse

In terms of comfort and style, Low Top is by far the winner. As there won’t be too much padding to weigh your feet down, it feels almost like going barefoot. Low-top Converse tends to be true to size.

These shoes have all the qualities you might want in a pair of shoes: they are classic, comfortable, and versatile. So feel free to wear your Converse with pride. You may count on them to keep you looking trendy for many years to come.

If you want to make your low-top Converse more comfortable, Put them in the washing. Let them wash! Your chucks’ fabric may be a touch stiff, so it can hurt to walk in them for a while until you properly break them in.

So, in order to hasten the process, put them in the washer to slightly soften the fabric. everyone like this kind of shoe as regular converse.

How To Wash Your Converse Sneaker

Converse advises against putting your sneakers in the washing machine. A little lukewarm water and mild soap will do for your canvas sneakers. Avoid being too hard on the material when rubbing the shoes with a damp cloth. The toecap and rubber bottom of the shoe can be cleaned with a toothbrush or a smaller brush. For your convenience, I am describing step by step how to wash converse below.

  1. Separate the shoes’ laces.
  2. Make the bristles of a fabric brush a little softer by soaking it in warm water with a bit of mild soap
  3. Scrub any stains from the canvas and rubber sole with the brush
  4. Avoid using excessive amounts of water to avoid water stains and make them easier to dry
  5. .Put the laces in the bowl with soapy water and wash them with your hands
  6. Take the Converse and laces outside to air dry. To ensure that they maintain their shape, stuff the shoe with paper.

Is Converse Unisex?

They offer regular unisex sizing in all of their popular Chuck Taylor All-Star styles. In addition, to take into account the shape of size, some sizes may have different male and female sizing. Wear it anyway if the shoe fits, and you will definitely like it.


Converse runs slightly faster than other shoes, so people like it very much. Converse shoes are becoming a part of fashion day by day. by following this guideline, you can easily find your converse size and can buy a perfect fit converse for you.

For this purpose, you can go market or visit converse’s website.


Will converse stretch?

Since your shoes are Converses, it’s possible that they are canvassed, which has a very tight weave and makes it difficult for the fabric to stretch permanently.

Why is Converse still so popular?

The people who don’t like to bring a lot of clothes when they travel find their versatility to be a stress reliever. You may simply pack them and then arrange them to create various looks. Most of us who own All-Star sneakers will agree that they are among the strongest shoes available in terms of wear and tear.

What are the difference between chuck 70s and all stars?

The Chuck 70 is more durable and features thicker canvas, rubber foxing, cushioning, and increased arch support. On the other hand, The All-Star is more colorful, lighter, less expensive, and better for lifting weights.

Do Converse fit narrow feet?

Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars and Converse Chuck 70s are narrow shoes. if you want narrow-fit converse without any doubt you can buy these kinds of shoes.

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