How To Fix Broken Boot Zipper (Easy Method)

Since we are heading towards the boots season soon, so let’s have a look over a common problem we all face then or now which is How to fix broken boot zipper pull-on boots? The tips and tricks here will be quite beneficial to you as these are the most DIYs that you can do by yourself at home.

Among straps, laces, and pull-up boots zipper boots have won their user’s hearts because of their firm grip, stylish look, and ease to wear. But if I consider anyone the prime reason why the boots are not very common till now is because of their zipper malfunction.

Just imagine you are running late and suddenly you realize the zipper is broken or malfunctioning. Just imagine how bad you will feel at that moment. But through away your anxiety as here you will be provided quick tips to recover the broken zipper pulls within a few seconds.

Note: the DIY and tips mentioned here are for conditions where your zipper and slide both are in functioning condition but not damaged or worn out. In cases where zippers are completely damaged, it is better to take your shoes to a professional. However, in general, it is important to note that zipper repairs can be fairly costly

How to Fix Broken Boot Zipper of Pull-on Boots

How to fix broken boot zipper

The only important thing here is the pliers; if you are a zipper boot lover then pliers are a must in your toolbox. Make sure to use the desired sized pliers as inappropriate or bigger pliers may end up taking the zipper tooth out thus damaging the whole system.

Assess the Damage to the Zipper Pull

The first and vital step is to first at least assess the degree of damage to your boot zipper pull tab. If it’s just minor damage, then you can resolve it by yourself. In case the shoe’s leather is damaged or torn apart, then consult the cobbler. The pull can be changed, you can add a wire hook if the stopper is still intact and working correctly.

De-assemble the Stopper of the Pull Using Pliers

You have to remove the stopper that looks just like the tooth but is bigger and more prominent. It prevents the pull from slipping out of the sipper while pulling the pull up. Pliers will help take them off but remember, do not cut them as you will need them again once the pull is repaired.

Remove the Slider of the Zipper

Remove the slider of the broken zipper

Once the stopper is removed, remove the slider to which the pull is attached and access the pull condition. You can change the pull entirely with a spare one if provided by the company. But if you don’t want to entirely remove the pull then just use the clamp and press the two broken ends of the pull together. This wills temporarily recover the pull till you meet a professional for proper shoe repair.

Manual Connection of the Zipper

If you don’t want to reassemble the pull then you can go for a second choice i.e. manual connection of the zipper. In this, all you have to do is use the pliers and connect the zipper tooth together. Once they all are tightly clamped together, they won’t open while you wear the boot or walk.

But in case you have missed the tooth while assembling then it will open every time due to pressure. So using the right pliers get the work done and leave for your job quickly. But in this case, you will have to consult a professional as soon as possible because it can be tricky and harmful for the shoes.

Remove the Initial Teeth

On each side of the zipper remove the first teeth. Now you must be wondering why? Well, let me explain to you a little. Whenever you take off the stopper mostly the first zipper tooth gets damaged, and you can load the slier back. So taking it off with the help of pliers is necessary.

If you notice damage to the second tooth, then you can also remove that, as the ultimate goal is to load the zipper in such a manner that it glides over the zipper smoothly. In the procedure, make sure you don’t overcut the tooth ending up in a very short zipper, so you have to be skeptical during the procedure.

Loading the Slider

Now comes the tricky part that will require your patience. Once the pull has been recovered or fixed, put the zipper’s two ends on the slider’s two holes. The bridge between the two holes will keep both ends separate, making you glide the slider on the zipper. This is how you will quickly recover a broken pull.

Stopper Re-installing Steps

It just requires a few minutes to reinstall the stoppers. You have to be very careful during this procedure as you might break the stopper if you don’t handle it with care, it will create trouble for you. Pick the stopper with the help of pliers and insert it at the ends with great precision and patience.

Once you are done check the zipper slider and the end, either they are adequately fixed by pulling the slider up and down swiftly. All this will help you make sure the job you have done was successful or not.

Secure the Stopper Tightly

The last part is to properly press the stopper with full power to reduce any chance of loose ends. Mostly the users suffer from the loss of ends so in that case, you can temporarily sew the ends properly till you buy new stoppers from the market.

The above-mentioned steps are easy and quick. These will make your shoes functional for emergency situations. Later you can visit the professional for further assistance. Those who don’t want the hassle of a zipper can replace their zippers with the most comfortable pull-on work boots.

Types of Pull Available

Different types of pulls

You will find a huge variety of pulls in the market, but here you have to make a wise decision. The pull should not be too fancy as it can cause hindrances, the pull should be compatible with the zipper system and it should be big enough to handle easily. Too small pulls can be an issue every time you zip up or zip down your shoes.

Here are the types of pulls:

All these above-mentioned are to be used according to the zipper and shoe type. If the pull doesn’t match the shoe usage it can be a problem, these are a few of the reasons that people working in a rough environment avoid zipper shoes and prefer the latest pull-on work boots for walking on concrete.

With increasing zipper issues and delicate nature, pull-on boots are gaining fame in the market. As zipper shoes took the place of strap and laces shoes due to added ease in the same manner, now pull-on shoes are dominating the market and making zipper shoes old-fashioned and tough to handle shoes.  


Putting it in a nutshell, you can get your shoes repaired at home by following the tips and tricks provided. Overall, zipper boots are trendy and stylish. In addition, they are easy to use but not very good for field areas as they are delicate. So those new pull-on work boots for plantar fasciitis are preferred and work really well.

Hopefully, the tips will prove useful to you. Do let me know your feedback in the given comment section below. Your reviews and feedback on my article help me work harder and better.


What types of zipper boots you can repair?

It’s a frequently asked question and I have a brief answer to it. The only shoes with minor zipper or zipper pull issues can be repaired. If your shoes have tears or the zipper teeth are broken, then it’s the task of a professional.

Why is the zipper not working or closing after the repair?

There must be two reasons for that. Either the tooth is broken or missing. So you have to make sure the zipper is intact, then try to repair it. Use the right number of pliers for repairing; otherwise, it must damage your zipper teeth.

What to use on a boot zipper for its longer life?

To increase the life of your shoes and especially zipper shoes the most important step is cleaning. Your shoes must be free of dirt before you store them. The shoe rack should be dry i.e. free of moisture as the zipper gets rust in moisture. Last but not least keeps on oiling the zipped teeth to keep them clean, dust-free, and functional.

Can boot zips be repaired?

Broken zippers can either be re-tracked, mended, or completely replaced, depending on the severity of the damage. Often, it may be simpler than you think to fix your zipper.

Why does my boot zipper keep splitting?

The slide being loose and unable to shut the teeth any longer is the most likely cause. Another reason why the zipper teeth won’t latch together is because they are out of alignment.

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